Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Knock, Knock? WHo's There? - DEATH!

A convoy of cars slowly strolls down the A12, leading to the A406, on its way to the Islamic Cemetery in Chingford. My friend, Nur, is to be buried today. How slowly and stealthily death stole on him. Yesterday here he was, lively and full of fun and laughter – playing football with us every Sunday evening, Today here is – me digging his grave! On the long stretch of road, my head is preoccupied not with the Funeral procession but with death itself. Never has the reality of death hit me so hard – yet seemingly so close. It made me contemplate my navel – how we are somewhat deluded and take things for granted. Have I fulfilled Allah's covenant or have I neglected it? Have I, as Allah desired, lived my life accordingly or have I strayed? I started question myself. We go out shopping at, we drive down to rejuvenate and relax at the beach or to a holiday resort somewhere in Cyprus – all this we do quite confident that we would return to where we set out from, to our original destination - never really thinking of anything negative. How thoughtless and imprudent! It often does not even occur to mind that we would die and will be held accountable. We live as though death is something uncertain, as though we would die when we have passed a certain age and the realities and anxieties of old age seize you, that’s until – like a lightening striking close by – it strikes the person near you. This then leaves you a memory that lingers in the memory of every sane a person that he would be ending up just as!

I thought endlessly and reflected upon this throughout the journey to the graveyard. On reaching the graveyard, the dismal faces of the surrounding friends and family members further nurtured an entirely melancholy atmosphere. As he’s laid into the grave, I say my final prayers for him and I, asking Allah for forgiveness and everyone proceeds to collect their spades to bury the deceased! May Allah forgive him and make him the one of the inhabitants of His Eternal Paradise.

Amazing how death is just around the corner, watching your every move, surreptitiously taking every step that you take and finally when your card is called snatches the living soul out of you. Death knows no age!

Verily, Every Soul shall Taste death!


Flower.of.Chaos said...

Ilaahay ha u naxariisto saxiibka.

I just came across your blog a couple of days ago and added you to a resource blog for all somali blogs. Check it out at

Keep writing and I'll come back to your spot when I've more time.


Shafi Said said...

With Pleasure my dear!