Monday, February 06, 2006

Hanti Waxaad Ku Leedahay Dhulkaaga Hooyo!

But where do i belong?
Where do I call home?

Where can I walk with pride?
With my head really up high
With no guards by my either side
Rest under a tree and look to the sky

Where can I live permanently?
Where can I leave a mark?
Without having to transfer frequently
And comfortably inhabit and work

Where can I sleep soundly in my hut?
Knowing that am safe and secure
Without having to be vigilant and alert
And awake with my heart guiltless and pure

Where can I watch my kids grow?
Watch 'em as they play on the streets
Without fear of attack and brawl
And congregate loved ones for perfect feats

Where can I cruise around freely?
Without being asked my tribe
And intentionally robbed greedily
Or imprisoned and enslaved for bribe

Where can I live individually?
Without having to carry a gun
Live the rest of my life peacefully
And ultimately quieten down and have fun

Where do i belong?
My homestead, my kingdome?
Where I craved for so long
Where I must really call home

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