Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Too many signs or too many Green-Chain walk areas?

Back off, young man, this one was saying! see the attitude.

Kids at play

Where does it lead to?

Magnificent! You should see it open its feathers and display those wonderful colours.


Firefly said...

Fantastic images! I love them all. You know, I didn't even know there were peacocks in London. Was it in a wildlife centre of some sort?

Shafi Said said...

Thank you Firefly. There is little park near my house and thats where i took the kids on Eid just after the prayer. so i captured these pics. Its not a wildlife centre, more of a park for the community to watch these animals.

There's a few goats too, pigs, piegons, deers,and chickens! don't know what to call it really!

Anonymous said...

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