Tuesday, September 19, 2006

In Reply to Nomad...

In Reply to Nomad's The Arawelo in me, says...

Haduu ku maqli lahaa Darwiishku wuxuu ku odhan lahaa,

Naagyahay waxaad damacday iyo dunida xaalkeedu
Waa labo duddoo oo kala fogaan doy isu lahayne
Dulligaad la joogtiyo sidii dahab u laacaaga
Doqonniimo hadalkaaga iyo duq iskayeelkayga
Waa dabo bangool iyo garkoo durufba meel yaale
Naa hoy dandaan lama rujo e maqal dabuubtayda
Naa hoy digniin baa ka timid dabaqi naareede
Naa hoy Salaadda u dedaal dunidana u fiirso
Naa hoy dan haw gelin hadday durufi kuu baanto
Naa hoy iblays miduu dirsaday gogosha haw daadin
Naa hoy dufule waalan oo daaddufaa guda'e


Yasmin said...
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Yasmin said...
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Yasmin said...
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Shafi Said said...

Yasmin, Af soomaaligaagu waa heer sare laakiinse hadaladaasoo kale kuma mudna afkaaga inayba soo dhaafaan! Gabayga ina Mirena inaad fahantey ba ilama aha!

"castrate few of these bastards and render them eunuchs! And make them wear the darn tents and the masks they ascribe for the Somali woman and see how f*cking they like it to be powerless and ineffective as they have want the Somali woman to be!"

...So these "darn" tents make you "powerless" and "ineffective"! Gartay!

Yasmin said...
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Shafi Said said...

Yasmin, can you decently discuss a topic without resorting to name calling. set forth your reasoning and I mine, in that way we can either educate one another or come to a conclusion. We are too old for slander, aren't we?

Now, regarding the Hijab, I am glad to hear that you do dress modestly, but may i ask who forced you to wear it? Its a choice isn't it? You believe in Allah and wish to keep His covenant, then you're but compelled to wear it. And a Hijab doesn't have to be the ten items you mentioned to cover you in the sweltering heat, but something that covers every part of your body, except your hands and face. My utmost respect to those women who fully cover themselves in the oppressive heat - you should know too that Allah has plenty promised for them.

As for me being a Fish N Chip, walle aqoon baa iigu kaa harsan!

Yasmin said...

If you are so found of the Hijaab why don't you wear it yourself huh?

I am not here to be educated nor do I want to educate anyone, it is my website it is my ranting, and I am in title to my thoughts, etc.

In the future don't come into my website and tell me what to say, what to think, who to pray for, mind your own business.

Let us ignore each other from her on eh!


SleepDepraved said...

I was trying to figure out where the conflict begun and this is the only clue I have. Ms. Nomad asked me to remove her link because she has no need to be bothered. People are unique in the way the operate. She is unique in that she speaks her mind and I kind of find that refreshing. There was a reply I once wrote on SOL in regards to their moderation and this puts me in that mindset again. I don't expect everyone to get along but its sad when we can't see past our differences. You both are bright individuals who bring input in a much needed society. Anyway hope this resolves itself in the long run especially in the light of this holy month.

Shafi Said said...

Nomad, Fair enough. Caf iyo Masaamax and May Allah increase your Eeman during this Holy month and guide us all to the right path.

SD, it wasn't a conflict of any kind, more like a misunderstanding of some sort and lack of discussion etiquettes. People don't have to agree on anything, they are entitled to their opinons but there is a need for a mature mind and a way of discussing issues as delicate as this. i think it wasn't the Hijab, but my comment about "Cabdullahi Yusuf" being a killer that triggered such a response and consequently her withdrawal from the Somaliblogs as well as removing the comments adn the comment link from her blog.