Friday, September 29, 2006


Oh how I long to sleep inside one of these!

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Anonymous said...

Are you serious?

When is the last time you been to place where people slept in these?

Do you know how much the person in there longs to sleep in your comfortable bed?

Your nostalgic for "poverty"?
Is this your defination of Culture?


muslimah said...

asalamu aliakum

anonymous it's all about perception isn't it? I guess to you aqal is synonymous with poverty. I'd like to experience sleeping in one of those and perhaps devolope a greater gratitude for what I do have and the experiences of my ancesters. :)

Shafi Said said...

jawahir, I was born in one of those, my parents currently live in one of those, my siblings live in them, my uncles live in them, my Aunties live in them, and are, All praise due to Allah, living quite happily and are very rich. They are very healthy Alxamdullilah and are not complainign of anything! So if to this life is synonimous with poverty, then by all means yes I Am nostalgic for "poverty"!

Muslimah, Wacalaykumu-Salaam ya Ukhti-al-caziiza1. life is undoubtedly harsh in Miyi, but atleast they live a stress-free life! And upon experiencing life of the Nomad, you do as you said develop and huge gratitude for what you have!