Friday, April 14, 2006

The flag...

The Flag of a nation that once "was"

Flag in the Hijab! Cool

Somalia Overalls!

Someone should've told this lady that the Flag is not to be draped around her waist!

Simply beautiful...

Traditional Clothes, look quite good with the Flag. Sense the Patriotism there?

Ma dhaxantuu iskaga duwayaa?


Black Rose said...

MashaAllah! What a beautiful sight! Somali patriotism at it's best. Scenes like this instill hope in me (that i might one day in my lifetime see the rise of my forgotten nation).
You put a smile on my face.....and for that I say Jazakallah bro!
Keep on instillin'a dose of optimism among us !!

Yasmin said...

My kind of people. I love the Somali flag more than any other thing in the world, even I love more that Xalwad looooool Nice pictures.

PS: The Somali flag, a.k.a. Qabdiid belongs to a nation that was and will be!

Shafi Said said...

Black Rose, Insha-Allah walaal. All we can do for now is Pray and hope for a better future for Somalia.

Yasmin, Somalia once "was", whether it will "be" in the future or not, that fate rests on the hands of her offsprings adn the ones she nurtured!

Farah Blue said...

I'm not saying this because it's my country, but our flag is simply beautiful. So is our national symbol: the leopard. Just elegant ma garane. Nothing overdone, just representing who we are.

Thanks bro for reminding us the beauty of our country.

Shafi Said said...

Your welcome Farah. It sure is very beautiful Indeed. And as for the leopard, maybe thats what Hadraawi composed this poem for:

Bahalow Shabeellow
Hoy bara baraalow
Waaryaa nin buureed
Bulsho waxay ku leedahay
Badda iyo nafleydii
Balliyada ku noolayd
Bogan waaye jiifkoo
Wadnahaa babbanayoo
Beerkaa legdamayee
Xaggay bayr ka yeesheen
Biyahana ma joogtaa?

Urban-Geeljire said...

The Girl who wore the flag as skirt: I LIKE,I WANT

Visionary86 said...

The blue & white goes with whatever, eh? Awesome!

Perhaps you should have noted where you've got your pictures from, as I'm pretty sure some of these random people have no idea they are plasted all over the net.

Kind regards, and cautionary requests,